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Professional Electrician .inc we have car and we can help you buy the all you need for the electrician. i will best way to help! How to become an Electrician There are two main paths to qualifying as an electrician: you can begin as an apprentice and learn from qualified electricians on the job or you can attend a trade school and learn in the classroom. Some electricians will do both by starting at a trade school and then completing their training through an apprenticeship. Your state will require you to complete a set number of hours of practical work before you're eligible to sit the journeyman electrician test. Once you pass that, you can work as an electrician and, once you have developed your skills with more work experience, you will be eligible to take the master electrician test, which is the highest level of qualification for electricians. We're located in Downtown Manhattan, New York 137 CHRYSTIE ST #17E NEW YORK, NY 10002 TEL: 646-662-2620 .